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This is a device that I have created to relieve hip pain while sleeping on the side.

This really works!!   


"My name is David Louden I am the inventor of the Hip Pain Sleep Pillow.... I have had extreme hip pain most of my life which has made sleeping on the side very painful.  I developed this Hip Pain Sleep Pillow to help relieve some of that pain ...

 - it actually relieved the majority of that pain!"
"It is a very simple device that attaches around the midsection on the side and elevates the midsection supporting much of the body's weight that would ordinarily  be pressing on the hip ... less weight and pressure on the hip, less hip pain. "


The great majority of people that tested the "Hip Pain Sleep Pillow" while I was developing it, had a significant reduction in hip pain while sleeping on their side and were able to rest comfortably.


Helps relieve pain it the hip caused by:

       ~ Osteo-arthritis

      ~ Degenerative hip diseases

       ~ Hip replacement - pre and post op

       ~ Rods and pins

       ~ Broken hip recovery

       ~ Most anything making the hip  pressure sensitive


The Hip Pain Sleep Pillow

is handmade in the U.S.A by Amish Seamstresses


I have a Provisionary Patent (Patent Pending) on the Hip Pain Sleep Pillow.